The process for placing students in the Cooperative Education Program is as follows:

  • Students are recommended by Technical – Vocational Instructors and Guidance Counselors.
  • Students will complete an application, submit and complete all hiring requirements of the employer.
  • The Vocational Teacher makes the initial appointment with the employer to insure worksite safety per OSHA regulations.
  • Parent/guardian, guidance counselors, vice principal, vocational director, and academic instructors will sign the permission form for the students to participate in the cooperative program. If a student has an IEP the special-ed teacher or director is expected to sign and to participate in the planning of the cooperative placement. Students training in non-traditional careers and students for whom English is a second language are encouraged to participate in the program and are supported just as any other student.
  • Students released for Cooperative Work placement must have completed the 10 Hour OSHA Safety Certification and passed the employability exam prior to beginning placement.