Cooperative Education is a program that provides supervised workplace employment opportunities and learning experiences for qualified high school students. The Co-op program is based on an agreement developed among an employer, a student, and the high school staff. All vocational education students are eligible to participate in Co-op provided they meet basic qualifications required by the school and employer (see below).

The process begins when students are recommended by their vocational education teacher as being ready to work in the trade. These “job-ready” students are matched with an employer who offers work hours in a job related to the student’s career program. Students participate in Co-op during their technical-vocational cycles.


Seniors who are enrolled in a vocational program for a minimum of 2 years and sometimes, exceptional eleventh grade students who have two years in the program, are recommended by their vocational instructors to participate in the program. The decision to accept a student for Co-op is based on the student’s vocational skill level, academic grades, attendance, and conduct records. Students must have OSHA training and employability certification.

The students are responsible for the following:

  • Students must attend their academic classes each day and must be in school if they are not participating in the Cooperative Program Placement.
  • If the job assignment is terminated for any reason, the students must immediately return to school and report directly to the High School Administrator.
  • MyAccess assignments and employer assessments must be returned to validate hours worked on the job (30 hours per cycle). These should be turned in Day 1 to the Vocational Teacher’s mailbox or to the Cooperative Coordinator. The time cards must be signed by the employer.
  • Students must report their absences to their employer and the school.

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