Latinx Heritage Month

Today for Latinx Heritage Month, we will be celebrating the island nation of Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Sea, just east of Hispaniola of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Did you know that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory?  Well, Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the United states after the Treaty of Paris was signed ending the Spanish-American war.  Puerto Rico is a beautiful island filled with history, tasty food, beautiful beaches, amazing people, and a huge rainforest called El Yunque.  Stay alert to the national animal el coqui, a tiny frog native to the island and only found in the island. Sadly, Puerto Rico is going through some weather issues with hurricane Fiona, breaking bridges and destroying the island.  I hope everyone gets to go to the beautiful island that is Puerto Rico, Tengan un Buen dia Haws!