Senior Spotlight–Alexander Visnauskis–Easton

Senior Spotlight–Alexander Visnauskis–Easton

Alexander Visnauskis, of Easton, is a senior in the Precision Machining vocational program. (Courtesy Photo)

Alexander Visnauskis is recognized as a Class of 2023 Senior in the Spotlight.

Visnauskis is a senior in the Precision Machining vocational program. He chose to join Precision Machining at Southeastern because he was interested in designing, creating and building things. He was inspired to join the program after participating in the Precision Machining after-school program during his freshman year.

Visnauskis appreciated the freedom and flexibility the program allowed for and the opportunity to create his own designs and see the entire production process from start to finish.

His favorite experience in the vocational program was the opportunity to build and design something that was more than just a singular part, but a series of parts that when put together, became a functioning mechanism.

While at Southeastern, Visnauskis served as the assistant teacher for the after-school SOAR program, during which he taught younger students machining basics, helped them produce small projects and showed them how to safely use manual mills and lathes.

Following graduation, he plans to attend Wentworth Institute of Technology to study mechanical engineering and manufacturing.

His advice to freshmen is: “Keep an open mind when choosing shops and activities. If you limit yourself to just what you think you want to do, you may miss out on other opportunities. I originally thought I wanted to enroll in computer engineering, but after experiencing all of the other shops and participating in the after-school programs, I realized that I was more interested in the shops that had a physical building process rather than just the computer portion. Take full advantage of the exploration process that this school provides.”

Southeastern’s Senior Spotlight honorees are chosen based on their high academic and vocational achievement. Seniors are selected from each of the nine towns Southeastern serves and are highlighted prior to graduation, which will be held this year on June 7.

Madelyn Hedges, John Guilfoil Public Relations LLC