Southeastern Players announce first annual Winter One-Act Play Festival

Southeastern Players announce first annual Winter One-Act Play Festival

The Southeastern Players are announcing its first ever Winter One-Act Festival!!!

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, we will perform three One-Act Plays and one One-Act Musical Revue. These plays will be student directed and designed. At the end of the evening, we will have an awards ceremony in which the Best Play, Best Direction, Best Actor, Best Design, etc., will be announced. We will have an outside panel of judges to determine these awards.

Student submissions:
Student directors will submit a proposal to Mr. Cross and Mr. Fernandes to direct. In your proposal, you must include the following: The play script–The play should be a One-Act, with a 30-40 minute time limit. There are tons of One-Act plays out there. Find one that speaks to you. Make sure it’s a story that you REALLY want to tell. You also have the option of taking a full length play and cutting it down to a one-act. Again, you need to make this cut and present it to us. We will help you secure the rights to any plays we use. Choose plays with STRONG WRITING!

You can also do original work. If you have a play that you have written, let’s mount it! Will we allow you to direct a play that you have written? Yes. BUT, we would strongly recommend working with a director because that collaboration is what would likely happen in the real world and it’s an amazing process to go through. A writer and director can propose together.

Your Vision: In your proposal, please include your overall director’s vision for the piece. Why do you want to tell this story? What is the core message of the piece? Why should we choose your piece to mount on our stage? To students in VPA, a LookBook is a great way to sell your production

Design: Please include a preliminary design plan in your proposal. What do you want the set to look like? Keep in mind, you will have access to MINIMAL set pieces. Anything you have will be SUGGESTIVE, i.e., a door frame, blocks, chairs, a table or two, etc. We will not be doing a major set build for this. What are your ideas for a lighting color palette, costumes, props, etc. If chosen, we will help you flesh these ideas out and execute them, but we want you to have a basic idea to start the process.

To submit a play for consideration OR to get more information, join the Google Classroom with code xqmcmwc

All proposals are due by Wednesday, November 23, 2022.
Auditions for the One-Act Play Festival will be on Wednesday, December 7, 2022

We are very excited to read your submissions and start a new tradition here at Southeastern!

~Mr. Fernandes and Mr. Cross
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