Good Deeds

Mrs. Weckesser would like to acknowledge the following students for their honesty and integrity while performing these good deeds.  All items were turned in to lost and found.
The following students found phones – Amari Gerrior, Aujane Lewis, Jordan Miranda, Charles Schulman, Saniyah Sauveur, Tayani Clark, and Serina Ribeiro. All phones were returned to their owners.
The following students found jewelry: Madison Paull, Evelyn Ratcliff, Voss Blanc, and Hana Tajalli.
The following students found either ear pods, headphones, or ear pod cases. Ava Matta, Damien Lewis, and Cleft Rodney.
Jocelyn Protentis found a water bottle.
Olivia da Silva, Kelsea Doherty, and Grace Kelley found money and a Pokeman Card.
Currently, we have shoes, several pairs of glasses, several water bottles, clothing, and umbrellas to name a few things.
If you have lost any items, please stop by the high school office and check out the lost and found area.